Bonus Slots Online

Bonus Slots Online

These online casinos offer the best bonus slots on the Internet. Their aren’t that many online casinos that
specialize in video slots. If you truly love playing video slots,
then you definitely need to sign-up with one of these online
casinos and take advantage of their slots bonuses,
promotions, and tournaments. These casinos are
well known for pampering their slots players.
They offer special slots bonuses that are very similar to the free casino bonuses for UK players.

Play Now at Red Flush Casino

Red Flush
is offering a $1,000 free play bonus with a one hour time limit where you can keep
all of your winnings. You’ll receive a 100% bonus up to $150 on your first deposit
or a $200 bonus on your first deposit of $500 or more. You can play these free slots bonuses
on over 200 popular video slot machines or take a chance on the progressive slots
with jackpots that total over $6 million. Also, they offer weekly and monthly slots bonuses.

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Play Now at High Noon Casino

High Noon Casino
is offering a 200% deposit bonus up to $2,000 to new players. Once you’ve taken
advantage of the welcome bonus, be prepared for the daily slots bonuses that you’ll
be offered. This casino is well known for pampering their players with too many
delicious bonuses and promotions. Also, watch out for the free chip bonuses,
surprise bonuses, and birthday bonuses that they give out to their video slot players.

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Something that should be considered when choosing an on-line casino are the slots bonuses. These are extra features added by the casino to entice players into playing on there machines and bettering the odds of players winning bigger prizes. Video slots bonuses may be given at the time of sign-up, at different deposit intervals, bonus plays, and tournament wins. Lets discuss how some of these bonuses work.

Video Slots Bonuses at Sign-up

Some casinos offer specials just for signing up for there sight. Sometimes this could involve free or discounted spins. Many sites also offer the ability to enter a referral code at sign up to give the new player even more free potential to win. This isn’t always the most important feature to base your casino choice on, but getting something for nothing is a pretty fair deal in my book, and can get you a little jump start in your wallet.

Video Slots Bonuses for Cash Deposits

Almost all on-line casinos offer some sort of bonus when a player deposits real money into there account for gambling. This type of video slots bonus generally gives free credits for different denominations of deposits or when a player has hit a preset goal of a certain dollar amount. This is definitely a big deciding factor when choosing an on-line casino to invest money into. Also be on the look out for sites that allow coupon codes to be used with deposits and sign up for there newsletter if the site has one. Many times this is where you will find your best deals!

Video Slots Bonus Plays

Another way to increase your pocket size is to look for games that offer bonus plays. These video slots bonuses sometimes involve a bonus stage or game where, if completed, additional spins play lines may be acquired. This isn’t always the best of features to look for when choosing a game. Its a good fun feature but don’t let this stop you from giving a game a chance.

Video Slots Tournaments

Many casinos offer free tournaments that there users can play for chances to win real money and free passes into paid tournaments. I especially like this feature because when you fall short on your luck and your pocket is empty, this gives you that small hope of maybe getting something back.