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Slots Muscle is the ultimate source of free casino slots, free slot bonuses, and online slot reviews. We provide you with a run-down of the best online casinos for avid slots fans, including reviews of the most popular slot games. Many online casinos offer a full suite of video slot machines combined with free spins, bonus features, and progressive jackpots. We will guide you to online casinos with an excellent reputation in the online gaming industry for both US-based and non-US based players.

Ever since the launch of the first US-facing gambling sites, online slots have been among some of the most popular casino games, which in all honesty should be expected from games that successfully combine frenetic game play with top notch production values while, simultaneously being incredibly easy to learn. After all, playing an online slot game is as simple as selecting the number of pay-lines you want to wager on, adjusting your bet settings, and seeing whether the symbols form any winning combinations when the reels stop spinning.

Top 3 Slots Casinos For US Residents
1 Bovada Casino $3000
Deposit Bonus
2 High Noon Casino $2000
Deposit Bonus
3 Slots Jungle Casino $2500
Deposit Bonus

If that wasn’t enough, it doesn’t take an extremely rare combination to score a satisfying payout, which makes online slots extremely attractive to all kinds of online casino enthusiasts. Another draw of online slot games is the possibility of scoring a potentially life-changing jackpot win. Most jackpots are funded by the casinos, which means that they rarely exceed $200,000. However, there is an important exception to this rule, as progressive jackpot slots aren’t entirely funded by the casino. Instead, the operator guarantees a relatively small seed amount, which is then increased by a small percentage of every wager placed by the customers playing the game.

As a result, there is no limit to how big a progressive jackpot can get, and the casino communities all over the world are filled with amazing stories of people becoming millionaires over a seemingly impossible spin. Obviously, every time somebody manages to hit the progressive, the jackpot is immediately reset back to the seed amount. Consequently, some players will always play the progressive slots with the highest jackpots, as they believe that it gives them the biggest bang for their buck by allowing them to increase their odds or even beat the house edge.

For those who are constantly looking for new casino slots and the latest releases, check that site as it’s quite a good guide to the games worth trying.

One of our favorite online casinos in today’s market is Bovada Casino. Why? First, Bovada Casino provides the reliability and accountability that comes with the Bodog brand already well known throughout the world for both sports and online poker. Secondly, Bovada Casino provides over 100 casino games including dozens of slots, table games and video poker options available. Finally, all new players at Bovada Casino will receive a solid welcome bonus that players can customize based on their intended casino game.

Bovada Casino: Best US Casino for Slot Players

Bovada Casino is one of the most popular US-friendly online casinos for new players. They are offering over $4,000 in free bonuses to new US players along with some exciting promotions that are tailored for US players. Download the casino software and make your first casino deposit today. They offer over 100 online casino games, excellent online customer support for US players, numerous US-friendly deposit options, along with quick and easy payouts to players in the United States.

We’ve decided to showcase the free casino slots that are available to US players. While US players can enjoy any of the free slots that are featured on our web site, they can only play a few of the slot machines for real money at a US-friendly online casino. Most of the free casino slots are only available to play for real money at online casinos that no longer accept US players. RTG online casinos continue to cater to the US market and you can find these free slots at any of their online casinos. Once you’ve played these free slot machines, then make sure to sign-up as a new player and enjoy the thrill of playing video slots for real money.

Non-US Casino Players Choose Betspin Casino or 888 Casino

One of our favorite online casinos in today’s market is 888 Casino. Why? First, 888 Casino provides the reliability and accountability that comes with the 888 brand already well known throughout the world for both sports and online poker. Secondly, 888 Casino provides over 100 casino games including dozens of slots, table games and video poker options available. Finally, all new players at 888 Casino will receive a solid welcome bonus that players can customize based on their intended casino game.

Alternatively, we recommend Betspin Casino for non-US casino players because of their vast assortment of specialty casino games, including help on popular games such as when you play Iron Man slots.

Instant Play Slot Games

Top 5 Most Popular Slots
  1. Cleopatra Slots
  2. Carnival Slots
  3. Iron Man Slots
  4. Fantastic Four Slots
  5. Ronin Slots

As you’d expect, the immense popularity of online slots has forced the casino sites to look for new ways of expanding their audience, as limiting their offer to downloadable Windows PC clients simply wasn’t enough to remain competitive on the rapidly growing market. The solution was to provide the customers with browser-based casino applications that utilized Java and Flash technologies to guarantee the highest possible multi-platform compatibility. While these apps didn’t require the players to install any casino software and allowed them to access no-download slots, they also had a number of flaws.

First of all, since the data wasn’t readily available on the hard drive of the machine running the app, it had to be streamed directly from the casino site each time the player started up one of the games. Consequently, browser-based apps tend to suffer from relatively long loading times, which might get downright frustrating if your internet connection is relatively slow or unstable. Combined with the necessity to achieve maximum cross-platform compatibility and performance, it led many slot developers to tuning down the visuals and sound effects in their browser-based Instant Play slots, which makes them a little bit inferior to downloadable games.

Nevertheless, there’s no denying that the ubiquity of Instant Play casino packages allows Mac users to join the action despite the fact that most online casinos simply can’t be bothered to develop separate downloadable clients for Apple’s desktop computers. In fact, even relatively exotic platforms like Linux have become a somewhat viable choice for playing online slots.

Mobile Slots

Interestingly enough, mobile casino gaming is a slightly different story. Just a few years ago, mobile slots seemed to be a rather distant dream, but the release of the iPhone and the launch of Android Market changed that and convinced many casino operators that developing mobile casino apps has become lucrative enough to give it a try. Consequently, the European market was flooded with iOS- and Android-optimized gambling apps. Unfortunately, those dedicated apps were pretty much unavailable in the United States, as neither Google nor Apple were willing to assist in providing Americans with real money casino apps due to stringent gambling laws which were prevalent on both federal and state levels.

Thankfully, the rapid advancements in the field of mobile computing technologies enabled US-based online slot enthusiasts to overcome the lack of flexibility on the part of corporations and the government. Popular mobile devices like iPhones, Android smartphones, Blackberry phones and iPads became capable of running browser-based Instant Play casino applications without a significant drop in performance. The solution wasn’t exactly perfect, as Instant Play slots didn’t utilize the power of modern smartphones’ touch screens to their full extent, which meant that many excellent features like being able to navigate between the menus using swiping motions remained inaccessible to American players. Nevertheless, Instant Play apps have one crucial advantage over dedicated smartphone apps: they give you access to a substantially larger library of games. Regrettably, the amount of dedicated iPhone slots is still extremely low, which means that most iOS-optimized apps come with less than 20 online slot machines. On the other hand, Instant Play software allows you to try literally dozens of quality titles and experience the differences in game play that separate classic three-reel fruit machines from modern video slots and the newest progressive jackpot games.

There are a variety of games that you can play when you download any of the above casinos. These include poker, blackjack, slot machine games, and playing mobile roulette for real money. It all depends on what games you like best. Mobile gaming is the future of the online casino industry.

Bonuses, Promotions and Game Selection

It’s important to remember that online casinos don’t rely purely on technology to attract new players. In fact, most casinos prefer to focus on offering some of the most lucrative bonuses available anywhere on the web instead. These promotions can range from reloads to free casino chips, but the biggest emphasis is almost always placed on the welcome bonus, which becomes available once the player decides to make his first deposit. Generally speaking, most welcome bonuses offer a match on your first payment, usually in excess of 100%. Quite obviously, the amount of free money you can receive is always limited, but most sites are generous enough to allow slot players to grab as much as $2,000 or even more.

In-game bonuses like free spins or additional mini-games that activate after hitting a scatter win are another great way of winning the hearts and minds of slot enthusiasts, especially since most players agree that bonus rounds make online slot machines considerably more interesting to play. What’s more, many online casino sites tend to offer at least one or two high roller slot machines, as even recreational players tend to enjoy participating in high risk, high reward action from time to time. Slot tournaments are yet another way of breaking up the routine of standard slot play, as they allow players to compare their luck and socialize a bit in an otherwise rather solitary gaming environment.

Combined, the above facts amount to massive differences between slot sites, particularly when you compare some of the best casinos with the mediocre ones. Consequently, many sites resort to trying to convince the players by giving them a chance to play free practice games, which usually do a great job when it comes to giving you some idea of how exciting real money slots can really be.

Where To Find Free Spins

Go Wild Casino is offering 20 free slot spins on the Immortal Romance video slot machine. Simply sign-up as a new player through our web site and you’ll automatically receive 20 free slot spins to play the slot machine for free. There is no deposit required to play this video slot game with 20 free spins.

Casino Software Providers

Finally, you should keep in mind that each online casino is powered by a different type of software, which can have a massive impact on the overall game play experience. In fact, it’s the casino software developers who provide you with the games you play – the casino’s job is basically limited to providing you with an enjoyable gaming environment and as many financial incentives as the operator can afford. The sharp contrast between platforms as different as Real Time Gaming and Rival Gaming can be a little bit shocking at first, but once you play on more than one site you’ll learn to appreciate the variety it provides. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that online casino aren’t necessarily limited to using one brand of software. For example, the lion’s share of an online casino might be powered by Real Time Gaming, but that doesn’t necessarily have to stop it from offering some of the amazing 3D slots developed by Betsoft.

In the end, there are countless factors that determine whether an online casino will fulfill your personal expectations or not, which means that you’ll usually have to try quite a few in order to find that perfect match. However, if you don’t really care about minor differences in terms of game selection and other subtleties, you can always choose the most popular casino site around, which also happens to offer an amazing catalog of the hottest slots you will find anywhere on the web, as well as an exclusive $3,000 Casino Welcome Bonus. If you happen to find a better offer, please let us know – we never cease to look for new ways of enjoying our favorite slot games.